Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's on Your Emergency Evacuation List?

I'm waiting for Japan to implode and overflow with nuclear effluvia that will fly into the atmosphere and head straight to San Diego.  It's possible that I have been watching too much TV, but in all seriousness, this is a real, god-awful crisis composed of NUCLEAR ATOMS.  IN AEROSOL FORM.  So, for once, I'm only about 25% overreacting.
Which got me thinking - of course - about what I would take with me when if I had to evacuate in a hurry. What I would take with me as I fled, in my IKEA bag, since the rats ate my Samsonites?  I mean, I want to be thoroughly prepared to join the giant traffic jam on the 805.  So here's my list in the order they occurred to me, not in order of importance:
  • My migraine meds
  • Toby's flea pills and heartworm meds
  • my bras
  • cash
  • Tori & Woogie (who are cremated and in lovely cedar keepsake boxes)
  • my hypoallergenic pillows
And then several hours later (!)
  • my laptop + external hard drives, ipod, ereader, plus charger cables for all of it
  • there's probably some irreplaceable papers around here I'll need for, oh, the rest of my life
  • my expensive prescription reading glasses
  • jewelry?
  • CLOTHING - like, clean underwear, anyone?  what are you going to wear those bras under, dipshit?
So, I'm not sure if I'm delightfully unmaterialistic, or if my brain is irretrievably broken.  I will be working on this list, but in the meantime, what's on your list?

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Cookie-Doe Keith said...

First thing's first! A motorcycle. That way there's no traffic to get stuck in. A laptop and a mobile phone with all the relevant cables. Food. At least three days worth of clean clothes (you can go all neanderthal and wash the dirty ones in a stream someplace). A LARGE bottle of vodka. My camera and two tanks of spare fuel....

Strangely enough, this list is quite similar to my 'what would you take to survive a zom...' OH AND MY GIRLFRIEND TOO! Yup can't forget her. Except this list doesnt have machetes and shotguns!

Enjoying reading your blog so far!