Friday, July 20, 2007

Sign the PETA Petition

You have all heard about this creature's disgusting activities on his farm in rural Virginia. PETA has posted a petition to send to the dude who runs the NFL. You can simply send it as is, or modify it as you choose. The link above will take you to the petition; I have included the letter I sent below. I don't know what else to say except that I saw one person's idea of punishment for Vick: tie him naked to a pole and splash him with raw meat and blood - as he apparently did to some of the 'loser' dogs - and set the surviving dogs loose.

(And please excuse the run-on sentence at the end - in my mind I was pausing to poke this dude in the chest with an accusatory finger.)

To Mr. Roger Goodell:
I was appalled to hear of the neglect and abuse of dogs discovered on Michael Vick's property. I hope that you take Vick's indictment seriously.

Please suspend Vick immediately. The NFL has created a funnel and culture of men who kill pregnant baby mamas, drive drunk and kill people in other cars, and do recreational and performance-enhancing drugs at will with few or NO REPERCUSSIONS from the NFL. Football generates huge sums of money from spectators, TV and merchandise licensing; talent (so I am told) and money have allowed this piece of offal to think he is invulnerable. The NFL created this monster - any ordinary sociopath found torturing animals and enjoying the pain and agony of dogs would be immediately put away for the protection of society. Are you going to allow this maniac with unlimited funds and no conscience to continue to enjoy the privileges he currently enjoys as a member of your organization? The damage he has done by participating in this so-called sport as someone that men and boys across the country admire and look up to is reprehensible.

Dismiss this amoral monster from the NFL and ban him for life - if Pete Rose can be banned for gambling, the NFL had better step up - or I will BOYCOTT any products that advertise during an Atlanta Falcons game of any kind. This may not impact your bottom line too much, but be warned that the moral outrage this person has generated will tarnish any company, team, organization or product associated with him in future. And before you laugh at my naivete, remember that it was the millions of people like me whose outrage at the number of Katrina animals whose owners were forced to abandon them to starvation and drowning during the evacuation that has completely changed the way animals are treated during emergencies.

This should sound familiar: Just do it.

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