Thursday, May 17, 2007


I emerge briefly from my purse-browsing stupor to share this tremendous news with you. To wit,

"I wished out loud for a purse trading club, and New Girl piped up with the smartest thing she’s said since she started here. (J) (Why it took her so long to spit this out, I’ll NEVER KNOW!) – the gist – join the club, borrow/rent brand-new and fabulous purses (and jewelry!) for as long as you want for cheap, and then return it when you’re tired of it and get another one!!!

PS – New Girl is actually quite cool, and is good-naturedly taking the hazing which primarily consists of calling her New Girl until someone else is hired. Since I was the last person hired before her, technically I was New Girl for about 20 months. I have paid my dues!"

Over and out ladies - happy shopping!

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