Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Shirt, No Shots, No Service

If the Dog Whisperer had a cult, I would join immediately. I, too, need exercise, discipline and affection, in that order. Clearly, I feed myself too many biscuits, and don't give myself enough exercise. So imagine what poor Torque and Woogie feel like!

Anyway, Cesar (we're on a first-name basis) was featured in the Sunday New York Times Magazine last month, and you can read the article by following this link. I was watching an episode of the show when my roommate - male, metro-sexual, and a Marine, said, "That guy is so gay." Jealous!

So all the single women in my demographic with 'furry children' adore him, not just what he does to their dogs - he's sexy but harmless, despite his "energy of dominance." Is he the Alan Alda of the aughts? He's not gay, mind you - he has a wife and 2 children and that sexy accent - but he's about 5 feet tall, and has a very gentle manner. Not to mention he is the 'furry kid' daddy of our dreams. Single women no longer look for a new daddy for their forlorn bipedal kids - they want a new daddy for their quadruped kids; one that commits to dressing a 20lb dog that lives in California in a polo shirt every day. (BTW, for those of you who still call Cali "the land of fruits and nuts" (Dad), there are no signs outside restaurants that say properly dressed dogs are allowed inside, but not naked ones. No Shirt, No Shots, No Service ? Or, No Emotional Support Dog Service Vest, No Service. I'm working on the wording.)

Aha! I smell another movement

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