Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Karaoke Set List, JP's Pub, 7/3/06

1. Long Time Gone - Dixie Chicks - this is the first time I've performed this one. It sounds better in the car, and I'm not sure practice will make a difference. But they didn't have Sin Wagon, and I'm a little tired of Goodbye Earl.

2. Bitch, Meredith Brooks - this used to be Tara's song, so it reminded me of her.

3. Harper Valley PTA, Jeannie C. Riley - the karaoke lady's friend started to sing this, but you could tell it was just to kill time so the karaoke lady could go have a ciggie. She didn't know any of the intonation, and was starting to fade out. Train wreck, people! I, of course, know this song by heart, since it was adapted into a TV movie starring Barbara Eden, a k a I Dream of Jeannie. I ran up, grabbed a microphone, put all my twang into it, and nailed it. Of course.

4. Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee - from Grease, of course, and I did it just like Rizzo - squeals, and asides and gestures. This was the most fun - I'm definitely doing this one again. Another song I know without needing to see the words.

5. I Love Rock & Roll, Joan Jett - this was my swan song, and I growled it out. My favorite part is the boy being 17, and i was bumping and grinding with the inflated guitar prop.

JP's Pub was a pleasant surprise as a venue: there is a stage, but it's on one side of the room, so the novices don't feel too nervous. And I loved the varied selection of songs this karaoke lady had invested in. Aside from no Sin Wagon, it was really good. I give it 4 mikes out of 5. :) And they have 2 pool tables, and a surprising quantity of cute boys. Ben says that there's a lot of Marine housing in Tierrasanta.

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