Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I just got up - I called in sick because I was up coughing last night - and then I fell asleep like you do after you've been drinking for hours - the weird dreams, with people that don't go together, doing things that seem normal but really aren't. And lots of drool. So whatever cootie is trying to bring me down, I hope I just napped it to death, or at least dormant. If living in a bubble were practical, I might try it. Or it could all be related to sugar - my nemesis.

Evan sent a lov
ely synopsis of what's going on with the Allisons in Chattahoochee:
Hey Mare!!
Hope you are doing well (I can't really tell from the blog). Life here is good. Spratt is growing like a weed and will be 3 in August. Cory bought out her partner and is now running WiggleWorm by herself. Our house is finished, except for a few punch list items and it's beginning to feel like home.
What's up with you? Who is Jonathan?
My question: What is WiggleWorm?

Jonathan is my long-lost (sort-of) friend, from the original nerd herd in 2nd grade. I have known him since we were both, what are you in 2nd grade, 8?, when we were tested, segregrated, and shipped on a literal short bus once a week to the special kids school for 'Learning Unlimited.' And I mean the special school - It was where our township sent all the different kids - physical handicaps, mental handicaps, and us, the ones who would have no normal friends forever afterward but each other. The bus picked up kids in wheelchairs, and kids who were seriously (you're not supposed to say retarded anymore) after they picked up me, Chuck Schmoyer and Chris Brantley and took us to Maple Road. It was like being a trio of gazelles that the cheetahs would cut out of the herd, trundle off out of sight for several hours once a week, and then return to the herd, expecting the herd to take us back in. Much like the wild animals of the African veldt, the American elementary school student just loves the "different". So we have been friends a long time - we danced at my sweet 16 costume party (Morticia and Dracula, thank you), I attended the Terminator 2 premiere field trip he organized at Rockaway Mall, and I attended his wedding, officated by the former Governor Kean of New Jersey. But most importantly, for one birthday he gave me the omnibus edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and thus was born a genre passion that has yet to die.

And despite my chronic sinusitis. and current death struggle with the siren Sugar, I am doing well, especially at the new job. Nice people, good karma, and I'm on track to hit my quota, and eventually take over the entire Sales division. Seriously. So things are good. And the puppies are doing well - I have included in this post a great picture of the kids trying to use their telekinesis on my roommate Ben's dinner.


JAM said...

*ahem* I was Zorro, thankyouverymuch... (Never did get that costume back... loaned it to a friend of a friend in college and, well, seriously who'd need a gacho hat...? Why would you not return something like that...?)

But otherwise a beautiful trip down memory lane.

I didn't realize I was responsible for you genre addiction... if only there were some form of kickbacks...

Insidious Mr. Huge said...

I too remember that party. There must be photographic evidence somewhere of his Hugeness, incognito as a Scotsman.

There's your plaid.

Ah Learning Unlimited, nee Gifted and Talented. I see your herd analogy and raise you an alien abduction. They might as well have tagged our ears and inserted implants into our scalps. I swear some of the kids I met there were actually pod people.

But you guys were okay...

Boppie said...

Oh, right - you were Zorro. Sorry. That dress was very tight - I have limited recollection of all of those details.

Hi Mr. Huge!! You were there, weren't you? You came with Alison Hoffman, right? I remember the skirt you wore...SO you're going with the Scotsman costume, then? Okay, I can go with that! :)