Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So, I wasn't supposed to let everyone know who Mr. Huge was - no surprise, it's not a common fact. ;) And Jonathan's in-laws live in Stuart, not his parents. Not that it matters, because Mom never leaves the house anyway.

I had to nap away the balsamic headache, so we didn't get our walk again yesterday. But I had my salmon for dinner, and limited myself to about 6 cookies. I know,' I'm not supposed to have any cookies - but let's be realists. And cookies, while not good for my skin selon Dr. Perricone, aren't exactly joints, cigs, crack pipes, etc.

I love the book I finished yesterday, The Depths of Time, and I started the next one, The Ocean of Years. It's really good, and the extension of the story is perfectly organic and suspenseful. I am so pleased - I have been worried b/c I haven't liked any of the books I've gotten out of the library lately. And I had a $27 fine the other night - 27 dollars!!! And I think the check bounced - I might be punished severely by the library for that. But either I've plumbed the scfi- fantasy depths in San Diego, or I've just made bad choices.

I think I'm going to figure out how to have a list on here of the good ones I've read lately - and then solicit suggestions. (From all the readers I'll have! har har.)

Oh, I submitted my co-worker to Jeff and Jer's Mile of Men for Valentine's Day:

Hi Tommy -
Please accept my co-worker Chad for the Mile of Men. He ended a long relationship in October, and he needs to have some fun with the right girl. He's 6'3", 200 lbs, brown eyes, shaved head (he has hair, he just chooses to do without), 27 yrs old, and all of his own teeth. He's in sales, and is getting his MBA. So he has long-term potential too. He likes beer, watching sports, playing practical jokes, and U2. A lot. He's the funniest guy in our office, and I have a great picture that really captures him for you to upload.
Please put him on the Mile - it would really be a mitzvah.

I have a really funny picture of Chad, up in the left hand corner - that's not really the best spot since it doesn't make sense until you read this far, but oh well.

Dr. Hetzler called about T's urine sample - her micro-somethings are too high, especially since the tooth has been removed, and he wants her to have a round of antibiotics. It could be a UTI, it could be the Cushing's, it could be some problem with her kidneys - but it will be craploads of money. Again. [It's a good thing she's the prettiest puppy-girl in all the world, even if her organs are running amok.] And of course Woogie is still full of lumps - no point in removing them, although there is that huge one under his other arm - Dr. H says it's too malleable to be cancer.

So that's it until tomorrow - but I ampleased to report that February is looking like 5-6, and March is looking better - yay me!

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JAM said...

Well, I'll admit I only followed about 50% of that entry, but that's what I get for falling out of touch for half a decade... (And since I figure the readership is still limited, I'm probably not bringing the curve down too much). Oh, and my in-laws don't live in Stuart yet -- they have a place there -- with the intention to retire there; right now they just visit said place a lot... Not that I expect anyone to care. Hell, I'm putting myself to sleep here...