Friday, September 12, 2008

Time to re-direct some energy

I received a knitting newsletter this morning that I always skim for new things to start to knit, and then abandon halfway through. (Starting a project involves buying yarn, while finishing a project takes time and work. Duh.) This newsletter featured a charity founded by knitters who were sending, among other things, handmade blankets to veterans hospitals and the military hospital in Germany where evacuated casualties go first.
I encourage you to follow the link to Soldier's Angels and join me in registering to adopt a soldier. Even if you don't knit, they have many other options you can choose to contribute - care packages of food, hygiene, reading material, phone cards, etc etc. I realized as I was browsing the site that all my angst and frustration wasn't making much of a difference to anyone, least of all the people I was haranguing. But I can and will put my superlative shopping skills to work on behalf of a deployed or wounded soldier. And no matter what we think about political parties, individual candidates, and ideology, there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers who would love to just come home.
If you'd like to join me in adopting a soldier, let me know, and maybe we can join our efforts. You don't have to knit - check out the site and you'll see that there are other things that take time and not much money.
Don't worry, I'm still full of piss and vinegar, as the saying goes - or wait, is that as offensive as lipstick on a pig?

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