Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Woogie is Fat

Now, you are no doubt saying to yourself: duh. Woogie has been portly for many years; he has his (birth) mother's physique, alas. But this morning, at the vet, he weighed in at 24.9 lbs, and he should weigh between 18-20 lbs. I have to take some of the blame for that - I've been a bad mother. However, he is very persuasive, and you're fooling yourself if you think you could resist any better. [In fact, he's very much like the Borg :)]

But Dr. Hetzler (Woogie's vet, at Ark Animal Hospital) made some good points, too, especially concerning how Woogie's 'avoir-du-poids' (as Dad would say) is affecting his agility and making his little heart murmur worse. He needs to lose 20% of his current body weight, and we started the regimen today.

Day 1 of Woogie Watch:

Tori and Woogie each ate 1.5 oz of Wellness Senior Formula and 1 cup of Sensitive Stomachs kibble. Normally, Woogie eats the wet food and walks away, and Tori eats Woogie's kibble too. I always relent about 2 hours later and give Woogie 1 to 2 cups of kibble to snack on. And then a dental bone, and sometimes whatever is left over from my dinner too. *shame*
But tonight, I mixed the wet food into the kibble, Woogie cleaned his bowl, and then I removed the bowls from the floor.

And now, Woogie is staring holes through me, wondering why I have suddenly become so very stupid.

Before you judge me, just take a look at this stare:

Now, I'm not claiming he is shooting blue laser beams into my brain, per se, but it sure feels that way. I'm going to have a hard time maintaining my own snacking program under this kind of scrutiny.

A la prochaine, mes amis - wish me luck!!

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