Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm Still Alive...

but "I'm one good stomach flu away from my goal weight." Not really, but I am convinced I look much thinner today.

Jacquie got engaged last month to Marcelo, who has promised to cherish Georgia as much as he does Jacquie. I haven't met him yet, but with heart like that, I think it's just a formality.

Erica is having a baby today - I think it's her fourth child - I haven't seen her in years but I bet she looks fabulous, with all her little blond kids and babies following her in a row like ducklings.

Facebook is reintroducing me to people I have totally forgotten ever knowing: Laura Galanaugh? Apparently we played softball together. and Alka Aneja? Her name is vaguely familiar, I think she went to West Milford and had very long black hair.

And Katie O'Connor is kicking my ass in Scrabulous. I never liked Scrabble; I like to make real words, and to win you have to make all those 2 and 3 letter words that fit in with the longer ones and get you double credit. But they're not really words.

One of my friends on LI says he can get me a job there whenever I want it. But I don't want to live on LI - my hair will never look good and I'd have to live inside except for 3 weeks in April and 4 weeks in October.

I miss my babies - I had a dream last night that I was in the Caminito Vello house for some innocuous reason and I woke up with my heart pounding in a panic. That's not right. There are too many things making me sick right now - no wonder I keep 'barfing'.

Plantie* still has flies - first, I killed her baby - the flower bud - and now I'm poisoning her to death with insecticide. But the other half of her that I replanted and kept at home is thriving. Maybe the office is killing Plantie too.

* Plantie is the unkillable plant Mom sent me for my birthday. Things were fine until JFoo told me that I had to re-pot her because the roots needed more room to expand.

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