Monday, December 11, 2006

Whatever, you know you pop them anyway...

Earth Therapeutics Skin Care Tool

You know how you aren’t ever supposed to pick at or pop zits? And then we all do anyway? Well, if you get this, and follow the directions, you will be doing the wrong thing the right way.
This Skin Care Tool is specially designed to extract blackheads and whiteheads-safely and effectively. It is recommended that you use this tool after a steamy shower, facial sauna, or after applying a warm towel to the affected area. This opens the pores and prepares skin for treatment. Tool used by skin care salons and professional aestheticians. Directions: Before use, make sure to disinfect and sterilize the tool with an alcohol-treated cotton swab. Make sure hands are washed and thoroughly clean. For whiteheads, wait until the whitehead matures and breaks open the skin. Then use the flat side to gently roll out the whitehead. For blackheads, press down the thin loop side directly over blackhead to gently remove. After use, clean and disinfect the treated area on the skin. Care hints: Please clean off the skin care tool with an alcohol swab after use as well. Store and protect the implement in the original storage tube that came with this package. Warning: Please do not use fingers to squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads. Use of the fingers can aggravate the problem and damage skin.

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