Monday, January 30, 2006

Why a blog when the people I talk to don't know how to get here?

I am anticipating that this will save me a lot of time on the phone. In this (not-so) new job, I spend almost all day talking, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is talk some more. But those who love me want to talk to me all the time – now I can refer them here and get back to my knitting or reading or napping.

This weekend I did not take the kids to the Dog Beach in Del Mar, because the last time I did, I messed up the tide assumptions I had made, and the tide was even higher at 11am than it was the weekend before at 2pm. So we either have to go at 8 am, which is not ever going to happen, or later, at like 3 or 4. But it’s kind of cold by then.

I read the new Stephen King book, Cell, this weekend also. Bought it at Costco, and that was my exciting Friday night. It was a good book. I really envy him his writing talent – he makes even the most farfetched ideas and events seem so natural. I like farfetched anyway, but he makes it look so easy. Unlike that clunky The Fifth Ring. I like the plot so far, but the writing is painful. I guess I should have some hyperlinks here – Jonathan did in his blog – but then, do I really need to click on the phrase Mac & Cheese to see the Annie’s Organic website?

I bought a stack of new books at Borders on Saturday - the one I started with is pretty good - The Depths of Time - and the best part is that there are 2 more in the series. Which I also bought. Good plot so far AND good writing. I am getting very good at recognizing awful prose, and determining why it's so awful. All that does is inhibit me from starting my own writing again.

So thanks, Jonathan, for inspiring me. In fact, I am going to find that Christmas screed that you inspired me to write, once, long ago, about what I feel about Christmas. I think enough time has passed that Mom will find it funny - I think. :)

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JAM said...

Cool. I inspired somebody. I don't often get to do that... unless it's to inspire someone what NOT to do...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Meredith.